Promat Inc. Management Statement of Safety

The health and safety of every Promat Inc. employee is a primary consideration in every phase of operations. Our policy is to conduct every operation and activity in a responsible manner, avoiding recognized hazards to promote health and safety for employees, customers and vendors by complying with all applicable safety, health and environmental laws and regulations of jurisdictions where we conduct business. The management of Promat Inc. is committed to achieving the goals of this policy and ensuring that our facilities comply with company and regulated requirements. Participation and compliance with all safety rules and policies will assist in accomplishing our mission for the safety and well-being of our entire staff.

We continuously hone our safety policy, by fine-tuning our targets and taking new measures. One ambition never changes: our zero accident goal. We are on the right track but we need to continue our efforts. Year after year, our global number of accidents and frequency rate have been dropping. In 2017, 61% of Etex companies were accident-free.

Safety First - Safety & Accident Prevention Is Everyone's Job

It is the responsibility of every employee to put safety first while performing job duties at Promat Inc.

Safety procedures are in place in order to help provide a healthy, safe work environment. Exercising good judgment, reason and common sense is expected from all employees.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

In an effort to ensure a safe environment, it may be necessary to require the use of various PPEs when performing certain job functions. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to provide protective equipment, (for example, eye, face, hand, feet and head protection) any time an employee encounters the potential of injury. PPEs must be worn as required by management and area safety rules. Safety requirements for PPEs are posted within specific areas. PPE worn at Promat must meet the minimum standards:

Safety glasses meet ANSI Z87 .1 standards

Safety shoes equipped with steel toe meet ANSI Z41 standards

Hard hats (where required) meet ANSI Z89.1 standards

Ear protection (where required)