Parc des Princes Tunnel

France - Paris
Bouygues Construction & Vinci
17000 m2 boards, 3000 m2 spray

Tunnel - fire protection

France - Paris

Standards for fire protection have evolved considerably in France following the Mont Blanc tunnel drama in March 1999. Therefore it is now essential to offer effective solutions for the best infrastructure protection and the protection of people in the first place. In response to a new inter-ministerial circular n° 2000-63 of 25 August 2000, related to fire protection in tunnels, Promat France has intervened in the implementation of the new tunnel on the Paris Périphérique, passing under the Parc des Princes Stadium.

Bouygues and Vinci both have been responsible for the structure’s compliance. Promat, in partnership with the applicator Freyssinet, has suggested different technical solutions validated by the official laboratory Efectis. A multi-product solution has been put in place with PROMATECT®-T boards for regular areas and Cafco FENDOLITE® MII coating for less regular areas. Intumescent seals were also used in combination with the PROMATECT®-T boards for the protection of Neoprene supports. An innovative solution was also developed for a first application in tunnels, with PROMAJOINT®-F (rockwool strips) to prevent cold smoke circulation.

Thus, no fewer than 17,000 m2 PROMATECT®-T boards and  3,000 m2 of Cafco FENDOLITE® MII have been installed on the concrete structures to protect them from fire. 

Thanks to this project, Promat France once again shows its expertise and leadership on the passive fire protection market.