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Preserve and Protect – Our Purpose at Promat Inc.

Grown from bringing together the successful Microtherm and Promat business elements in the United States, the Promat US operation is focused on two linked goals:

  • Preserving the worlds natural resources using our advanced thermal insulation technologies
  • Protecting lives and precious assets using our recognized passive fire protection materials and research capabilities

Using our thermal engineering expertise, ultra-efficient microporous insulation, and structural calcium silicate insulation we design and deliver optimal solutions to the most demanding thermal problems. From concept to full-scale production we enable our customers to scale their ideas into sustainable systems. Using our in-house advanced fire testing capabilities, then validated with external tests and certifications, Promat’s fire protection boards and systems meet the most rigorous industry standards. Whether you are vacationing on a cruise ship, at work in a high rise building, or just in the comfort or your home Promat products are there effortlessly providing comfort and security.

We thank you for visiting our website. Please take a look around at our full line of fire protection and insulation products. Many of the markets we serve are listed below but please contact us for any application where you need to control heat or fire. We are here to not only offer our superior products but also to educate you on the available technologies so you can make an informed decision about your specific application.

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